Goodbye 2021

Life sucks. 2021 saw the demise of two of my husband’s close family. Not through Covid, but not being able to attend their funerals is unpleasant. Other stresses don’t help, so goodbye to my annus horribilis. Have to just keep going and hope for better times.

The last two months of 2021 was busy. The highlight of November for me was the invitation by Scottish Geopoetics to read poems, along with three other poets at the COP 26 event. Covid -19 was still raging. The fact that world leaders and thousands of visitors had arrived in Glasgow, was exciting and worrying in case the virus would affect the participants. Emboldened that I was vaccinated, I entered the tent where RSK solutions were hosting the event. There were huge banners of our poems and the corporate delegates enjoyed the poems and music provided by Scottish Geopoetics. It was a break from their talks and presentations on how to get to net zero on carbon emissions in each of their businesses. An interesting start to November and highly satisfying that poets could contribute to saving the Earth from man’s destruction.

This was followed by two interesting ‘climate change’ events I participated in- ‘Poetry India and Scotland’ :

Milngavie Heritage centre had published an updated issue of Neil Orr’s ‘Milngavie, the village’ and I was proud to be invited to contribute a poem and my memories of living in the village.

The final event for November was celebrating St Andrews Night with the Federation of Writers wonderful poetry and prose readings.

Ringwood Crime Night

December started with a visit to Eastwood Writers launch of their anthology. Good to see another writers’ group going from strength to strength. This was followed later in the week with Ringwood Publishing’s ‘Crime Night’ ( see video above). A really enjoyable event with six of us Ringwood crime writers discussing our writing followed by some incisive questions from the audience. The Federation of Writers, Scotland’s event Tinsel Tales when the new Makar and Scriever are ‘crowned’ was to be at Perth but the appearance of Omicron changed it into another Zoom event. It was sad to end my Scrievership 2021 on zoom. However I made the effort to meet with Moira McPartlin, the new Scriever for 2022 in person to hand over the shield. I am sure she will make a wonderful ambassador for the Federation of Writers, Scotland. A poetry class on December 17th and a couple of poems sent away for an audio anthology saw the ‘writerly’ year come to a close. The tail end of the year is time to spend with loved ones.

Will 2022 be a much better year? It is the Chinese Year of the Black Water Tiger. Let it start with a roar!

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