February, the month for lovers , Valentine Day’s Day on the 14th get the love gods working hard. Mine was a quiet start to this month, apart from some interesting zooms on the Paisley Shawl and Geopoetics.

On Valentine’s Day I wrote a wee Flash Fiction for Pat’s West End Diary. https://www.glasgowwestend.co.uk/flash-fiction-for-valentines-day-leela-soma/

On the 15th, You Tube, I had a new experience, to learn from. It felt strange to be filmed for a You Tube interview. On the 19th was my Writing Workshop at the Paisley Book Festival. I was really looking forward to meeting people in person but the awful snow and Covid restrictions made it another online event.

Next was the biggie. Granite Noir, the crime festival in Aberdeen. Again snow and Storm Franklin caused havoc with train bookings. The train was cancelled but I eventually managed to get to Aberdeen just before my event with author Ewan Gault and BBC journalist Fiona Stalker. The festival was superb and I meet a lot of crime writers. It felt good to see people and be in a room full of like minded people.


The short month of February is away. What’s next?

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