March Melodies

‘Our life is March weather savage and serene in one hour’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Spring has sprung and life is filled with daffodils, tulips, blue skies and sunshine. The odd frosty morning adds to the feeling of renewal and new life. It was a busy month but started with me attending a funeral of a wonderful friend of over fifty years. It was a celebration of her life.

The diary now:

On March 8th, SOA had a very interesting and fact filled zoom on how authors could use Insta. Being quite a technophobe I found it informative and challenging. I must learn new skills all the time, to keep up with technological advances.

On 9th March I read a poem for the event ‘Poetry and Settled Status For All’ organised by Civic Leicester and Culture Matters launching their new anthology.

On 12th I visited the Lillie Art Gallery where the 60th anniversary of the founder and Glasgow Women’s Art School exhibition was on. Milngavie Heritage Centre also had an exhibition of the Mains Estate in the library and had a heritage walk the following Saturday, which I booked for.

On 16th Milngavie Heritage Centre had a ‘Conversation about Milngavie’ with Nigel Orr’s revised book launch. I read about my ‘Milngavie Memories’ and a few poems. It was well received and as a few there asked for my books I have left some at Gavin’s Mill in Milngavie for people to buy copies from.

19th March was the heritage walk around Mains Estate which was really interesting and discovering local history along with Jane Patience, another fellow writer and neighbour, was fun.

Ringwood Publishing my own publisher invited me to have a conversation with author Simon McLean on YOUTUBE! Another first for me.

On 23rd I had a photo shoot for ‘Aye Write’ a really interesting experience of standing in front of The Mitchell Library, the iconic Glasgow landmark, with Louise Welsh, and three other debut writers. We smiled and posed for the photographer on a beautiful sunny morning as the traffic on the M8 roared by and we got some strange looks from drivers in their cars. Aye Write tickets are available and I am so proud to say that The Kavya Prize winner will be announced on Saturday 21st May at the Mitchell. A great start to a unique prize for writers of colour in Scotland. Buy your tickets!

On 27th March, Mother’s Day, I went along to Glasgow Comedy Club event at McChulis and enjoyed the stand up comedy by Lubna Kerr and her interview with Chris Mc Queer, a winner with short story ‘Hings’ and a BBC series based on it. He is now writing his first novel.

30th March was with a wonderful ‘Laureate’s Library Tour,’ at the Clydebank Library with Simon Armitage, Kathleen Jamie, our Scottish Makar. A perfect event for spring, though Covid struck Simon he bravely read his poems from his shed.

31st March, the month ended well with Bearsden Writers where we had a great workshop on Dialogue and Dialect .

Hope you’ve had a great start to Spring too.

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