Bombay Baby


Excellent storytelling; super characterisation and a satisfying ending. I was reading until midnight and finished ‘Bombay Baby’ very quickly. The ‘baby’ of the title is Tina who sets off to find her biological mother and in so doing another ‘bombay baby’ is uncovered and lives are changed. Tina’s adventure is well-plotted and the reader is led through Bombay’s busy streets, through wealth and poverty in the search for her mother. The girl grows up and finds peace. A great read and worthy of a place alongside any modern fiction.

Bombay Baby is a fascinating novel based on embryo donating/selling and I found myself carried along on Tina’s search for her roots. Tina has been brought up by her white Scottish parents but decides to go to India to try to find out who her biological mother was.

I loved the very strong sense of place when we find ourselves in Bombay and the characters are real and believable. A number of plot twists and turns bring surprises on Tina’s journeys, not only affecting her but others in her life. This is an absorbing story which kept me hooked to the – ultimately satisfying – end. Mary Smith


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