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A rant

I’m not a happy cookie. Just finished reading Alexander Mc Call Smith’s new book in the 44 Scotland Street Series ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Scones’. I love his writing, devour his easy-to-read gentle tales of Mama Ramotswe or the tales set in Edinburgh. But this has got me rattled.He has portrayed Glasgow in all its stereotypical awfulness. The character from Glasgow is ‘Lard O’ Connor’aka Aloysius Igantius Xavier O’ connor, a huge beast of a gangster, who asks for a pie and chips at the douce ‘Glass and Thomson’ where one could never order pie and chips, of course, just quiche and poor Lard has to make do with a double quiche with loads of tomato sauce!Lard dies of a heart attack brought on by his dreadful diet.Basically Glasgow is a minging place with gangster lowlife with a diet to match. E’burgh comes out as a gentle, civilised place as one of the characters is unable to drop peanut shells at the Long Bar at Raffles in Singapore as she was born and bred in E’burgh! Has he ever been to Pilton or other estates in E’burgh? It is a lot of Morningside piffle with Ian Rankin, Magnus Linklater and other Burghers of the Capital city making an appearance.I know I should not be berating Scotland’s greatly admired writer but this book really put me off. Sorry for the rant. Other Glaswegians have a read and tell me please if I’m wrong.

Double whammy

Just what every new writer dreams of ! The book that you worked so hard on, at the window of a bookshop vying for attention with all other authors.
Look carefully, it is on the shelf next to the one with a very famous Edinburgh author A.McCall Smith!My local Bookshop is a wonderful focal point of the community and I feel so good that they have placed my novel ‘Twice Born’ prominently in their window.

Fantastic start to the week.
It is so thrilling to see the support from my local bookshop. The shop is a lovely, busy part of the community.The Cafe is well used and the Children’s section is a wonderful addition to the shop a colourful, warm welcoming place for the young.

Leela’s Inspiration
Leela Soma from Milngavie has just published her debut
novel called “Twice Born” which you can buy in Milngavie
Leela told Community Soup, “As far as I am aware there are
no novels by a Glasgow based Indo-Scot writer, so I hope
this will inspire other Asians to get into the mainstream
literature of Scotland and make a contribution to it.”

Another lovely surprise- the local freebie paper ‘Milngavie Community Soup’ has mentioned my novel ‘ Twice Born’ in their March edition. I feel really pleased that the community rallies around local writers.