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Burns, Fast food, Lit Fest

Fast food is taking over the old favourite cafes in my birth city of Chennai. I googled the menu in McDonalds. I was curious to see the words in Tamil. They are offering veggie options like Paneer Wraps along with non-veggie ones like the Maharajah Mc Chicken. Can’t imagine a Maharajah Chicken McNugget though! LOL. KFC not to be outdone has also opened nearly fifty outlets in India though I did hear anecdotally that a pregnant lady was advised not to eat their chicken as it might be ‘dangerous’ for someone in her condition!

Jaipur Lit Fest grows stronger. Couple of photos showing the colourful Fest with a fantastic line up of authors. Despite fog delaying some authors arriving on time, it appears to have been a resounding success. I loved the report on the English language and the arguments that the Queens English was replaced by President’s English or the Call Centre speak. Mark Tully commented that all children should be taught their mother-tongue till sixth standard.

The most interesting feature of this year’s fest is the focus on Dalit Literature. P.Sivakami a Chennai writer and political activist has said and I paraphrase ‘upper caste Hindus have only a caste conscience and not a public or a human conscience.’ At least the first step has been taken in redressing this issue at last. Affirmative action in all aspects of Dalit’s lives is slowly being taken in India.It is also heartening to see that the fest has not been hijacked by the Bollywood or the politician brigade looking for publicity. The Fest continues till Jan 25th when the world celebrates our own Burn’s supper with haggis and a wee dram for our National Bard.SLAINTE.