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Afternoon champagne tea

Well the computer was down, and I enjoyed a fabulous break from the keyboard. Treated myself and my daughter to an afternoon champagne tea at Fifi and Ally in Princes Square. Just look at the cute doggies on the wallpaper!It was so good to indulge in an old-fashioned teatime treat.In India of course there was always Tiffin in the afternoon when we had yummy treats and tea.We also went to the cinema and surprise, surprise some retail therapy.She leaves for USA next week.
And now that the computer is back I have no excuse at all. So back to the grind.I had a look at the drafts of my novel two and decided that I must get it finished. The ideas are surging now, the characters talking to me in my head so I need to get it all down. News from Edinburgh Book Fest also inspires writing.So many talented new authors from all over the world making their mark in the beautiful city.