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Book Groups

Been a bit ill with the flu and awful hayfever, a chronic condition that spoils the beautiful summer here for me. But hey that’s life and I should be grateful for so many other things in life. Like having wonderful friends who invited me to their book groups. I got the experience of talking to people who have read my book and asked questions about the characters, the plot and how I managed to write my first novel. Both groups were extremely useful for me to get direct feedback. The positive feedbacks made it all worthwhile. One of the ladies said ‘my husband asked me to tell you that he read your book in one go and loved it, he’s looking forward to the next one’. It is so reassuring that ‘Twice Born’ appeals to both men and women. I am still not used to being addressed as an author and have to remind myself that this is the life of an author. All I need now is to get one good review in the national newspapers.
I had to miss the Westend Festival event as I was quite ill with hayfever and a mild bout of flu, not swine fever I hasten to add.
Last night I was at Milngavie Bookshop celebrating the Independent Booksellers week. A.L.Kennedy read from her book’Day’. Her style is quite unique. The shop plied us with glasses of champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolates. Now that’s a sure way to get people to enjoy the evening.It was also good for me to see that only one copy of my book was left on the shelf in the shop, so I need to give them more copies of ‘Twice Born’.