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Light – Halloween and Navrathri


Halloween, Samhain when ghosts and sprits are believed to be abroad. Frighten them away with a well lit lamp, and enjoy trick or treat with children dressed up and waiting for the onset of winter.


The nine nights celebrating and honouring the divine goddesses. The triumph over evil by goddess Durga. Her strength helps rid of all evil deeds or thoughts. Goddess Laxmi gives us wealth gained by honest virtue. And Saraswathi the goddess of knowledge both spiritual and earthly to cleanse us of our egos. So much meaning in the three days set aside for each of the three goddesses.

All cultures have found ways to dispel the darkness of the forthcoming winter. The festivals bring joy and brighten our lives.

So October began with National Poetry Day with me reading the ancient poet Tiruvalluvar (4/5thC BC)

“It is compassion, the most gracious of virtues, which moves the world.” ― Tiruvalluvar, Kural.

A short flash memoir piece in the ‘Autumn Voices’ magazine was published. https://autumnvoices.co.uk/your-memoirs-snow/?fbclid=IwAR1ruM7RYBVlm7oHv3PFv_38ve8ADidJi7E5fD8zh5cl3dqQCgclWZJuQLQ

Followed by micro fiction in ‘Paragraph Planet Press’ a 75 word story. I found this difficult. Writing a novel is hard going to get eighty thousand words is no mean feature but to get a tiny story in seventy five words is a challenge.

Visual Verse published my poem ‘Stories’ in their latest issue. I love attempting this ekphrastic poem every month if I have the time. https://visualverse.org/submissions/stories/?fbclid=IwAR2KJOXDL3vOP2wtyiD7dXHIHVreUFAMIqJzdnYR7eI8IGLdRkJd2-6zSN0 .

Last but not least! Save the Date! November 4th is the book launch of ‘Murder at the Mela.’ I will be sending zoom invites to all. Zoe Strachan is the special guest. She is a Creative Writing Tutor at Glasgow University and a prize winning author of three novels. I am looking forward to the event and hope some of you would join me for the event by Ringwood Publishing.