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Glasgow’s Buzzin

The city is buzzing with ‘Aye Write’ book festival and now the exciting talk of setting up our own Scottish Writers Centre. Fantastic commitment and interest from dedicated writers and aspiring ones like me. Down South soneone came with the idea of an art gallery in an empty shop , maybe we could have our Writers Centre in one(well, my suggestion anyway).

From a friend Allan who learnt from the Oatcake appreciation Society : ‘ I have now found a theory on the oatcake site that oatcakes were introduced by soldiers returning from India. The idea is that they were impressed by ther flat breads(chapattis) they came across, but that the ingredients for some reason didn’t lend themselves to the British climate, so they changed the recipe, It was also found to be useful for miners to roll up and take in their pockets. Sounds similar to the development of the cornish pastie arounf the needs of the tin miners.’

Wow! Wish this the ‘Year of the Homecoming’ Scotland had highlighted a lot more of the connection between India and Scotland in all kinds of ways.