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The latest questions from friends -‘Have you started novel three, Leela? What is it about?’ I am flattered and pleased that they want to know about the next novel, but I’ve embarked on a really important venture. For a while now I’ve been collecting various pieces of my family history from different sources, mainly oral with a few sepia tinted photos, old cine reels, videos and some old recipes to spice it up. It is an exciting and time consuming work that thrills at times. It makes me sit back and wonder about some of the achievements, the joy and tragedies of the people closest to me. The trouble is, the project when finished, is not for public consumption at all. This is something I wish to record for those nearest and dearest to me. New technology makes it so easy to access and record what I know and I feel it is so important to put it down on paper for the future generations. So, to answer the question, novel three will be on the back burner. I did have an outline ready for novel three but the family memoir is taking precedence. Curious to see how people structure their family memoirs, I googled it. I loved the covers of some of them. There are different methods to approach this subject and I must confess I got a few ideas on how to put mine together. This is a new departure for me, moving away from fiction to non-fiction and I look forward to the challenge.

November is also the launch of Nanowrimo and I know some of my writer friends are tackling it this year. 50,000 words in thirty days is no mean feat. It is a fantastic way to motivate the procrastinator(ME!!) to stop making excuses and getting down to the task in hand. I wish all those taking part in it all the best and hope that they achieve their target of fifty thousand words.