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Online Mags

I ‘ve not been keeping too well, the hayfever and cold combination has floored me more than I expected. Slowly getting back to normal. The strong antihistamine makes me drowsy. Not upto my ‘ole sparklin’ self. Brilliant weather in Glasgow but not for people like me with allergies.

I was thrilled to be informed that my book ‘Twice Born’ and its review by Susan Abrahams has been posted on an Online magazine http://www.boloji.com/ . I was told that this online magazine has 28,000 readers in North America, hope some would be interested in reading the novel.Though all new writers are using the net, to get noticed is no easy task as it is so vast. Couple of my followers emailed me asking why my blog was not being updated. I wish they would write some comments or link my blog to their sites as it would help a lot to get more exposure for ‘Twice Born’.
Doing some research for my next book I was surprised to note that a new ‘Madras Day’ is celebrated on August 22 nd in my birth city of Madras/Chennai. There are some great photos and activities about the wonderful city on http://www.madrasday.in/. Have a read when you have time. The photograph on the front page is worth looking at. The photo below evokes memories of the beach where I used to enjoy an evening with my family, standing in the water and screaming as the foamy surf engulfed our feet.

I am reading the tome (936 pages) ‘Shantaram’ at last after years of it lying in my bedside pile. I lawys felt it was too long and Ineed time to read it. I have made a start and it is good. Also a book of poetry collection by Maya Angelou, a poet who writes exactly what she feels. Rich, exquisite in some and deeply moving her work should be a must read for all.