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M’ve Art Festival

2-6 the September The second Milngavie Book & Art Festival, please come if you are free. Some great authors, artists and a super atmosphere is guaranteed.Hope they pay me for this advert!I am looking forward to seeing Laura Marney, Alan Bisset, Janet Paisley and other authors at the fest.
My fall down the stairs last week scuppered my best laid plans for visitng St. Andrews and EIBF. Well that’s life I guess. Iam so much better today, thanks to so many well wishers, family and friends to pamper and fuss over me.Reading Tash Aw’s fantastic book The Map of the Invisible world and it inspired me to write a poem. A great new writer whose book transports me to the Far East a place I’m still to visit.
A new challenge now for me. I have been flattered that I have been asked to adjudicate a Short Story Competition. I feel awed and excited.Hope I do a good job.