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Its amazing how many wonderful people you meet on Twitter! I found Louise Wise through another fellow author Allan Mayer who directed me to her wonderful blog. Not only does Louise blog about writing her own books but is so generous with her time and is willing to promote authors who have taken the POD or self- publishing route. She has kindly given a special promo for ‘Twice Born’ on her blog. I have included a synopsis in it as it is one of the things that all of us authors find onerous and difficult to write. I hope some of you writers find it interesting. Here’s the link to her blog: http://www.louisewise@blogspot.com

Louise Wise is an author of two books ‘Eden’ and ‘A Proper Charlie’ beautifully produced by YWO.

Comments on ‘Twice Born’

I have had some great feedbacks.The first one here is from a blog after reading a book review of ‘Twice Born’ and an interview online by Suzan Abrams. The rest are from people who came to the event in Borders.


A fascinating interview, Suzan, and I know that I’ll want to read this book. I have been all over South India and have also visited Glasgow. These two places are so utterly, wonderfully incommensurable that I can’t wait to read someone so intelligent linking them. That was such a wizard idea you had to show us the views from the window of her study. Now if only the garden weren’t quite so immaculate … sigh. : )

Hi Leela,

You did brilliantly – you should be very proud of yourself.

Hello Leela
Thanks so much for inviting me to your launch. I have kept all my questions for the book circle on the 15th which I and the other members are really looking forward to. Your launch was a tremendous compliment to your achievement of having your first book published. I am sure it will sell well to great acclaim.
See you soon.
Dear Leela
It was a most enjoyable launch, your reading especially – and what a good turnout! Some of these events are rather sparsely attended. I think you were right to keep it shortish. I’m sorry i had to had to rush off too – in pursuit of Monica – as an earnest lady was asking your opinion of Forster’s Passage to India ! I hope sales go well, and good luck with the next novel.
Dear Leela
I was going to thank you for the invitation to a really enjoyable event – I’m sorry I didn’t stay around but I’d had a busy morning and was a little tired. It was great to see such a big and keen audience and a real coup to have Ron introduce you. I’m so glad you got the main Borders for the launch in the end.

All the best

Hi Leela
I thought it went extremely well and was so pleased to see such a good turnout for you. Unless you are combining it with a social event I don’t believe it’s a good idea to make it over long.You spoke very well and I enjoyed your readings.Thanks for the pic – it has confirmed my belief that I don’t have a good side! When I’ve got a moment I’ll send on one of the photos I took of you to Chris to put on the Strathkelvin website. Will also put in a review when I’ve had the chance to read your book – things have been so chaotic recently that I just haven’t had the time to read anything.
Kindest Regards
Hello LeelaMarion and I thoroughly enjoyed last night and thought you spoke for a perfect length of time. I must congratulate you on speaking so clearly and with the right balance of humour. Super that two of your ex students were there too. Marion went off to bed last night with your wee book of poems that I bought last summer and said she was only sorry she couldn’t take longer over the reading of the poemsI hope you were able to sign lots of copies of the book. Marion was thrilled with hers and is going to start reading it properly on the plane home. I hope to find time to return to my editing of Love Re-Born and hope that some of your inspiration rubs off!!Love from Irene
Hi Leela

So sorry I can’t be there, as you know election day is a busy one for politicians! But congratulations on your book being published, and I hope this evening’s launch goes well
Best wishes
Jo Swinson@parliament.uk) MP
Hi Leela, Thanks for this, I’ll pass this on to my team. We put a picture up on our website, please have a look if you have the chance. It was lovely working with you, and please keep us in mind when the second book comes out! Have a lovely weekend
Best Wishes
Leah (supervisor @borders Glasgow)

Borders Launch

The Borders book launch was a resounding success. Lots of people turned up, standing room only. The event’s highlight for me was the fact that Ron Grossett of Geddes and Grossett introduced me to the audience with wonderful words, that revealed his deep love for India. He related some funny incidents in Madras/ Chennai and concluded by reading my poem ‘This is my ain land’ It sounded perfect in his Scots accent. I loved the phrase’ ‘Twice Born in her tartan sari’ , an apt description of my dual identity. For so many people to come out on a working night and queue to buy my book was heartwarming. Two of my pupils whom I had taught and the headteacher of the school I had worked in came over too. Borders did a magnificent job of providing a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Signing the book was a strange feeling almost wondering if it was really me, an actual author in the world largest bookstore chain.It has certainly fired me to get on with my next book. An exciting offer has come in and I’ll reveal it when confirmed. Watch this space!

Aye Write

How do you convince someone to buy your novel in three minutes? Well I had a three minute slot at the Feds event at ‘Aye Write’ last evening and I’m pleased to say that all copies of my novel ‘Twice Born’ there were sold. Reading with passion is so imperative, making the characters alive so the audience could visualise the scene was important. A wonderful learning experience again.

The performance poets were fantastic, the Book Festival buzz was all around. Moir Hall looked magnificent.The compere VIV GEE lit up the evening with her humour.It was great to meet a pupil I had taught many years ago turning up to support me.