Stormy February

A mild January was followed by a stormy February

The month started with a wonderful St. Mungo’s Mirrorball event at the CCA on the 6th. The cinema at the CCA is one of the bigger venues and it was standing room only. Listening to the work of Moya Cannon, Sam Tongue, Jock Stein and Finola Scot was a treat. Do check out their work online.

Milngavie Heritage Centre had a really interesting event on Monday the 10th but Storm Ciara prevented me attending that talk. Just look at the poster! Another local group that has some good insights into our local history and heritage.

STEM Poets had an event in CCA on Feb 11th. I was privileged to be asked to read a few poems along with some great poets like Eveline Pye, Mandy Haggith and others on Climate Change. The poems raised awareness of the challenges that our planet is facing. Do check them out in this link:

I had to miss the Glasgow launch of the Federation of Writer’s anthology ‘High Tide’ as I had a Scottish Pen Women Writers Committee meeting at that time. The International Women’s Day is on March 8th so we were working on it. Looking forward to celebrating our mothers, grandmothers and other brave women who have fought for our rights. Also to explore how much more we need to do to reach that elusive ‘Equality.’

The season of Book Festivals is on us. Here is a handy list and I’ve added the SAW Conference too.

Paisley Book Festival: Feb 20-Feb 29th




Keep that pencil sharp! Or fingers busy on the keyboard.

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