Covid -19

Can’t escape that word now can we? The primordial fear, the existential angst has overwhelmed some of us at least. After absorbing all the horror stories in the media of this pandemic crisis, the reality of how to adjust to this new strange world that has been imposed on all of us, for our own benefit, weighs heavily on our minds. A routine with a variety of activity everyday is the way I’m coping.

Wake up to What’s App messages from family & friends in India. That has not changed. In bed, swiping the screen has become a habit. Morning stretch,when I get up standing on tiptoes as I brush my teeth, followed by ten minutes on the exercise bike. That twenty year old bike has been dragged out of its hiding place! Breakfast, then the half hour walk in the woods behind the house makes the endorphins wake up. We are so lucky to have the woods so close to us. Social distancing means we say ‘hi’ to the dog walkers and few families with very young children who are up and about.They are all familiar faces now.

The hills are alive with the sound of silence
Colour me magenta
Orange blossoms, not quite, but pretty!

A plan for the day ahead is a good idea. Cleaning the house, cooking, baking something new or different is on the cards. I cleared one of my clothes cupboards, a couple of bags are ready for charity. Next the kitchen cupboards were tackled. I’m half way through cleaning them. I found a tin of chick peas with a sell by date of 2012! I think there are going to be a few sparkling clean houses by the time this difficult times ends.

Reading and writing. I’m reading the first of Zafon’s trilogy set in Barcelona. The ‘Shadow of the Wind’ is an amazing book with 403 pages of brilliant prose. The humour, the wonderful research, and the way he weaves his tale around that beautiful city is absolutely stunning. I am relishing it so much that I read a few pages a day and not do my usual ‘rush to finish the book’ nonsense. As for writing I’ve written a few poems but concentration is lacking. It is so reassuring to know that many people have the same problem. Maybe the muse will get back to us all soon. I hope so. All I can say is keep at it. There are some great online workshops, competitions and good tips from authors on keeping us all motivated. I’ll end this blog by saying Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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