Snowed under

Been too busy with family, so blogging time was hard to find.Glasgow looks magical under a couple of inches of snow.Cold,crisp and lovely.

Back to my novel, things are moving again.I sold the 20 copies that I had ordered so quickly that I have ordered some more. Books are selling well in Amazon. I have had good feedbacks that Iam going to put a few quotes here in the next blog.

The local library has made a special ‘Author slot’ for me on World Book Day.They have printed flyers, posters etc and Iam looking forward to the reading and meeting people that day.I have posted a copy of a flyer here.

On March 8th at the ‘Aye Write’ Festival I hope to participate at the ‘ Sudden Fame’ event organised by the ‘Federation of Writers’. It is good to meet fellow writers and artists and get a feel of being part of a literary Festival.

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