Milo and the Bookfest

Here is Milo my friends cute little Maltese pup.Wish I had him! He is sooooooooo cute. I just saw him yesterday and he is playful and a joy to be with.

Kind comments from a reviewer of my novel ‘Twice Born’ lifted my spirits from the hayfever onslaught. David Evans is a freelance journalist based in Edinburgh and who writes extensively for magazines in the Far East has read my book and sent me a copy of his review.

I have taken a few sentences from his piece and quote :

“Leela Soma’s enchanting descriptions of India’s colourful festivals and foods, against the backdrop of Glasgow’s bland streets as the city transforms itself through the 80s and 90s to European City of Culture neatly illustrates the challenge faced by many of the city’s immigrants over the years. Soma’s is a story of one young Indian family whose circumstances will strike accord with similar families from any number of countries. Again, Soma, herself born in India before arriving in Glasgow in 1969, is adept at illustrating the gap between East and West with her illuminating prose. Twice Born manages to weave an intriguing story around real events and facts that will open the eyes of many readers to the challenges faced by new arrivals to Scotland. Soma’s prose is both informative and captivating, and her ability to entertain and enlighten is one many authors struggle to conquer. “

Oxfam’s Bookfest is on and I am particpating at the all day event at the City Chambers in Glasgow on Wednesday 8th July. I hope the first bookfest of Oxfam is a resounding success , making books more accessible to all. Their new ‘Oxtales’ is a wonderful collection from famous writers who have donated their time and effort to this worthy cause. Hope many people particpate by donating their books and time to this charity.

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