Bookworm Unlimited

A fabulous book club

This afternoon I was invited by Geetha S to their book club. They were going to discuss my latest book ‘Murder at the Mela’. I met a wonderful group of book lovers who were delightful company. They made me feel welcome and had lots of interesting questions on the book and on my writing life too. They were a very talented group, a Classical Bharathnatyam dancer who had stayed a short time in Glasgow, homemakers with varied interests but all with a distinct love of reading and interest in art and crafts. It included an IT person who lives in London and Florida. See the sunshine as she spoke to us from her garden! All were leading busy lives with work, children, grandchildren and yet they still found time to read my book and have a chat with me. One of the ladies was doing a M.phil at Oxford. A lovely group of women who are contributing to the arts scene in London, USA and India.

They loved the cover

The discussion began with introductions as I was meeting all of them (except Geetha) for the first time. It was very well organised. Each one gave me their impression of the book first. I was so pleased that it was all positive. They found it ‘a page turner,’ ‘an easy read’, ‘the characters and the plot were appealing’. They appreciated the melding of the strands of Scotland and India. They liked my handling of the topic of racism, Hindu -Muslim tensions, women’s roles, the love story and the setting. Then they followed it up with some questions, which were excellent. But dear readers, what was really heart warming for me? They loved the Glasgow they saw on the pages! Visit Scotland take note. ‘Murder at the Mela’ is going to bring tourists from all over the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book club invitation. I have a few more booked in the coming months. As this was such a positive start, I am looking forward to the next one. We should have had Damian Barr along, he would have enjoyed the banter. I love your book club name and your avid interest in the world of books. Thank you Bookworm Unlimited!

3 thoughts on “Bookworm Unlimited

  1. Geetha

    It was a pleasure meeting you today Leela! It was very interesting to hear all about behind the screen of your book…. the research, portrayal of each character, things you had to edit, why such an ending to the story and so on!
    Loved the book very much! Hearty Congratulations! Look forward to catching up with your other publications soon! Hope there will be a sequel to this 😀👍🏼


  2. Malathi P

    Thank you for your lovely post and kind words – we were so lucky to have you join our book club meeting today. We enjoyed your book and your insights! All the very best and look forward to the sequel.



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