Happy Valentine’s Day

Keep the love and passion for writing all year.

February in Covid times. Well, only 28 days so that helps. And all the wonderful zoom events. Here goes.

Bearsden Writers meetings and Committee meetings keep me busy. The Creative Conversations at Glasgow University are wonderful. On February 1st we had Ashley Lovelace, the author of ‘The 392’, the bus ride and characters in it. This is an incredible book and his talk was riveting. Glasgow’s St. Mungo’s Mirrorball had a wonderful book launch of Sheila Templeton’s new book of poetry on the 4th.

The first dose of the vaccine on Feb 9th, yay! An important date that will be always in our memory.

Two wonderful events -on Feb 11th it was Newcastle Noir who invited me to choose five discs and a great chat on my book ‘Murder at the Mela’ and my writing life. This was a wonderful, my own Desert Island discs kind of programme. What a lovely poster for the event!

The next day it was wonderful to be transported to Amsterdam thanks to fellow author Anne Pettigrew who invited me to be on a panel for a wonderful event ‘The Art of Covetable Book Cover Designs,’ hosted by The Literary Globe. Anne and her Dutch friend Bart Rouwhurst gave us two great talks. Anne illustrated her talk about the history of book covers with a set of slides. Bart’s talent was incredible as he showed us book covers that he had designed for Paul Auster and many other authors. His thought processes as he designed them was very interesting.

The latter half of this month I am in two events at the Paisley Book Festival 2021. On Tuesday 23rd 3 pm ‘Poetic Offences’ organised by the Scottish Pen addresses the freedom of speech.

My other event is on Thursday 25th February with all the authors of the anthology by Culture Matters, ‘The Kist of Thistles.’

March is only a couple of weeks away. Spring is around the corner. I am looking forward to the warm weather. Hope the snow and ice are away and we get back to some warmth. See you in March.

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