World Lit

I am reading ‘The Bastard of Istanbul’ by Eli Shafak now. World Lit is so much more satisfying at times. I am transported to another culture and style of writing is refreshing. I also have the Scottish born Aminatta Forna’s book ‘The Memory of Love’ and I’m looking forward to learning about Sierra Leone. The same old drug, alcohol- laced scenes of local lit gets a bit repetitive.

The Man Booker Prize is only a fortnight away. I have not read any of the short-listed books. Alison Moore’s ‘The Lighthouse’ I think, will be the winner. The theme does not appeal to me, neither does Wil Self’s Umbrella which is reviewed as a meandering, stream of consciousness novel. Jeet Thayil’s tale of Mumbai again deals with drugs but I may read that one as it is written by a compatriot.

October/ November is the start of Indian Festivals, and I look forward to the celebrations to enliven the dark autumn nights.

It was good this morning to be complimented by someone in the gym, to whom I was introduced to. She had read my books and loved them both. It is always good to get feedback from readers. My second novel ‘Bombay Baby’ is available on Kindle and as a paperback.

Link to Bombay Baby:

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