July in Glasgow

I had a traumatic trip back home. Got back from the long tiring flight and discovered that I had left my iPad on the plane. Dashed back with patient hubby, who was rather supportive and calm, while I panicked. Luckily for me, a kind cleaner or air hostess on United Airlines, had left the iPad with the manager at the airport.

The weather has been pretty awful and I have seen enough rain for my lifetime in the last few days. It has been warm and muggy but not pleasant at all when the sun is out for an hour and then the rain comes on. Most of my friends who have not yet had a holiday are pretty depressed with the lack of sunshine.

On the positive front I have had a few invites to keep me busy and working in August. I am looking forward to all of them.

1. On August 4th I am hosting the SWC event ‘Diverse Voices’  at the CCA. A lovely line up of writers and poets as you can see from the poster.

2. On 14 August, I am chuffed to participate in the ‘Butterfly Rammy’ event organised by The Commonweal, at the Edinburgh Fringe.

3.Mixing The Colours, Fringe Festival Sundays with Appletree Writers
Readings from the Mixing The Colours Anthology providing a remarkable insight into women’s experiences of sectarianism that have been traditionally overlooked. A short discussion session will follow the readings. 
Venue: The Waiting Room, The Whole Works, Jacksons Close209 High Street, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Date: Sunday 23rd August
Time: 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm
4. End of August I am in Falkirk at this ‘Invert’ event. So lots to keep me busy in the month of August. Now that I have updated all of you, I am going to enjoy a nice long walk and see if that vague sunshine lasts for a few more hours. Happy Sunday!

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